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Hi! I'm Joe Callender (aka Craft Beer Coach.) I am a Cicerone Certified Beer Server with a few years of direct beer consumer experience in on-premise and off-premise establishments. I love educating consumers about craft beer and take a decidedly different approach when doing so.

I tend to focus my education of craft beer consumers on two primary goals. 

1. Promoting a more consumer-friendly, flavor-forward tasting and education experience 

2. Encouraging consumers to utilize what they know about their taste preferences to make tasting and buying decisions

My hands-on experience with beer consumers has also had a personal impact on my own exploration of craft beer. Even though I have always had the benefit of an adventurous palate, I would use beer scores and brand recognition as major considerations in my beer purchases. I spent two years chasing after the world's "top" beers. Just about every taste experience with these "white whale" beers was good at best. One of those experiences had me parting with $90 for a six pack. I ended up giving 3 of the bottles away.

My all-time greatest beer tasting experiences came from focusing back in on what I knew I liked best with regard to my taste preferences.

As a beer consumer I also want great tasting experiences, not just good ones.

If you are a new or casual craft beer consumer, you can take a much more empowering and confidence boosting (time and money saving too!) approach to exploring craft beer.


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